What to expect?!

 A moment in time & a space in your reality that sheds some light on your current state of being, opening you up to a world of infinite possibilities that might've been previously masked, overshadowed & manipulated by a cobweb illusion of knots & blocks linked to various blend of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, habits, experiences, & complexes; a mixture that, in that moment, you might be ready to accept into your awareness, to observe from it's current visible angles, and  to give attention to it's bits and pieces, in order to find some clarity, new meaning, and a hint of a new vision or point of view aimed towards a better possible solution to a problem, or a better possible plan to a goal. That moment then creates a hint of a new mixture, over which other similar moments can pile up creating change, growth, and healing, along with a skill that might initially be managed by my inquiries, suggestions, resources, and tools, but then grows and molds into your own customized version that you will nurture, manipulate, and use to the best of your interest.